Work-From-Home Americans are Now Trying Out Working from Hotels

Working from home? How about, working from hotel?

When the coronavirus outbreak began, most of the world’s “normal routines” are disrupted and changed the way we approach our everyday lives. Amongst these many pandemic aftermaths is the trend of working from home as business offices remain closed. But the question is, how comfortable is your home to be your temporary work station?

Trip to a nearby hotel

In a feature article from CNN Travel published Friday, many Americans are now finding the work-at-home taking a toll in their emotions. But they found a new workaround for not being able to work at their offices—now they can work at hotels.

According to Lonely Planet’s website, there are hotels out there who are now offering rooms for daytime. But it is not for vacationing—it is actually the opposite, working. Hotels who welcome work-related bookings are perfect for those who find their homes unfit to be a replacement workstation while offices are still shut.

Not only does this provide those who are not used in working from home an alternative. This also helps the hotels from across the country to remain afloat and generate revenue as most vacations and travels are currently on-hold because of local restrictions, and also fear of catching (or spreading) the virus.

New working space

A hotel almost a century old in Los Angeles is now being transformed as new workplaces for people who are around the area. Hotel Figueroa is among those who embraced this new setup since June by even launching “Work Perks,” repurposing their over 200 hotel rooms into day offices. In addition, the 94-year-old hotel also offers fast WiFi, unlimited perks for using copy machines, and complementary parking on top of their clean facilities. Also known as The Fig, the hotel also implements social distancing, as most establishments across the country do.

More office requirements

Not only that, other hotels are resorting into different schemes to accommodate different “office needs.” Hotels like The Wythe (in partnership with work office space company Industrious) and Cedar Lakes Estate, both from the state of New York, are catering to office work that require more than one, or those who prefer to meet while maintaining social distancing. Some hotels are complementing bookings with meals for their guests who intend to work at their facilities, like those from California’s The Sawyer and Washington’s Hamilton Hotel. Moreover, board meetings are also available at a hotel in North Carolina, The Ballantyne. The Luxury Collection Hotel rents their 350-square-foot rooms with a weekly price of $500. 

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