What we mean when we say “We’re Making The Law Make Sense”

Century Park Law Group is Committed to Helping Clients Get Full Recovery and Compensation 

Sahm Manouchehri and his fellow injury lawyers are making the law make sense by educating clients and by helping them reach full medical recovery and obtain full financial compensation from insurance companies.  Find out what he and Century Park Law Group mean when they say “We’re Making the Law Make Sense.”

Why does “making the law make sense” help you and your case?,  Because understanding the injury claims process helps ensure that insurance companies can’t devalue your injury claim. Century Park Law Group is making the law make sense through proper education of its clients. CPLG is committed to offering legal and professional help for clients who have been in injured or killed in auto accidents, slip and fall, trip and fall, etc.

Century Park Law Group’s service is based on achieving two goals for clients: assist them in reaching full medical recovery and to obtain full compensation.

Century Park Law Group has a highly committed and expert team of injury lawyers with over 70 years of combined experience and professionalism. Clients get 100%, no-obligation, free consultation with confidentiality and respect for privacy at all times.

“Insurance companies are in the business of making money, no matter what the commercials say. Their goal is to pay you as little as they can to go away; even zero if possible,” says Sahm Manouchehri.

Sahm Manouchehri, one of the partners at Century Park Law Group, always points that “Our goals as your injury lawyers are to help you get to maximum medical recovery and full compensation.”

Insurance companies are all about the business of making money. That is why even after a catastrophic accident, insurance companies will attempt to minimize the injuries and ultimately to minimize the client’s compensation.   Anyone who finds themselves involved in any type of injury accident needs to hire an experienced injury lawyer to help them prove their case.

There are several lawyers and law firms that offer personal injury services for clients. While many of them are good, they lack something very vital in the process, and that is the aspect of providing proper education to their clients as well as prior experience as defense attorneys.  That’s what makes CPLG different, our injury lawyers invest their time and effort to ensure they make the law make sense by explaining complicated legal terms to clients to keep them well-informed on top of going above the call of duty,  for every step, move, action, and response they make, they explain it to the client to have a deep understanding and knowledge of their case and why they made such moves. The firm also believes that the more someone is hurt, the more money they should get from insurance, and they work tirelessly to achieve that.

Clients have the right to sue, and if they decide to make that move, Century Park Law Group has a well-equipped full litigation department that handles lawsuits.

When we confidently say “We’re Making The Law Make Sense” we mean that knowledge is power, and strategically used knowledge is guaranteed success.”

About Century Park Law Group

Century Park Law Group, LLP is a team of professional injury lawyers providing service throughout California. The firm provides exceptional services to clients, ensuring full medical recovery, and financial compensation for their injury. They are professional, experienced, and offer free consultations.

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