What could Gambling Consultancy from Malta offer?

DD Consultus is a company specialized in gambling consultancy in Malta and for many years it managed to build a clear and strong reputation in this industry. As Malta is the first country to legalize online gambling, it has soon become the largest market for online games and licenses for online gaming.

The Maltese jurisdiction enables free movement of goods and services within the EU and it applies neutrally to telephones, the internet, and mobile as well, bringing forward the i-Gaming industry. Going for a gambling consultancy Malta has plenty of advantages, from updates on the legal framework, support in creating a proper business plan, and updates on the highly developed ICT infrastructure that supports online gaming.

Strong ICT Infrastructure

As the gambling industry is extending and the options become more and more varied, getting proper advice in purchasing an online gaming license or getting most of your profits within a legal framework is a wise step. Being one of the best gambling consultancy Malta operators, DD Consultus supports its customers locally and internationally, according to their needs and inquiries. Most of the consulting advice is connected to tax regulations, corporate and gaming tax rates, and thanks to the ICT infrastructure in Malta, any decision can be quickly implemented. That can be anything from making a live bet online, creating a platform for online betting, or analyzing the latest developments in a particular sports event.

Acquiring an Online Gaming Licence Malta

There are several conditions to fulfill in order to be able to get a online gaming licence in Malta, among which: the fit and proper check-in regard with every person involved in the business, the business plan, the operation, and statutory requirements, the system audit and compliance audit. As of 2011, this process can be done in one step and thus all documents can be sent upfront. The harmonization of the process enables MGA to take the time to go through the documents at specific points in time.

Support during the Audit process

As this is the most time-consuming and difficult part of the process, gambling consultancy can support with the checks of the documents and the preparations before going live. Usually, these checks occur in the technical environment and it is the last step before providing the five-year licence. Once the business goes live, a third party nominated by MGA is in charge of conducting compliance audits for a specific price. You can find out more about the available consultancy services at

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