West Paw Sees Sales Boost, CEO Says Rising Trend for Pet Adoption to Last for Years

West Paw CEO Spencer Williams said its sales had increased in May-September as more Americans adopt pets during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been harsh to a lot of businesses. Except for many of those companies that people can rely on while they remain at home. And who would have known that among them is pet adoptions? Consequently, those items needed for taking care of pets also boomed. It then paved the way for companies like West Paw, an American pet product manufacturer.

Boost in Sales

According to a CNN Business news report, sales for West Paw rose by 55 percent from May to September compared to last year of the same months. Chief executive Spencer Williams even noted that its year-to-date sales for its Toppl rose by 160 percent. Toppl is West Paw’s bestseller item. It is a puzzle toy that is also a treat dispenser shaped like a bowl.

In particular, Williams said that the year-to-date sales of the puzzle toy category rose by 125 percent. West Paw does not release to the public its full financial report because it is a private company. But the chief exec said sales exceeded $10 million in 2019.

Boost in Pet Adoptions

In order to meet demand, West Paw increased its workforce in its facility in Montana, which produces several dog products like chew toys. The firm added 19 more employees, boosting the workforce to 80 staff. 

That’s coming from a slow demand when the pandemic first hit the country. “Thankfully, the pet business came roaring back,” the West Paw CEO told CNN Business.

Additionally, more people are now adopting pets. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home, more Americans had the opportunity to spend time with pets. Williams believes this trend will continue for a long time. “I think the pet space, in particular, is going to see years of significant growth,” he said. 

Adapting to Rough Times

But in the early beginnings of the health crisis, West Paw had to stabilize its business, CNN Business further reports. “March slowed down, and in April, it was like 40 percent of our sales just stopped.”

West Paw had to reserve its cash to protect the jobs of its staff. So it halted to spend the $400,000 for manufacture. Instead, West Paw produced face masks for the use of local hospital systems and for retail. In a press release, the company said:

“West Paw is doing its part to help healthcare workers with this critical need, as well as creating a safe work environment to keep its employees working and earning a paycheck.”

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