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Utah State University Finds Covid-19 in Dorm Wastewater

US schools are still struggling with COVID-19. To stop the virus spread, they have suspended classes and students. They have also isolated their students.

Now, Utah State University reports finding the virus in wastewater collected from four campus residences. In response, the school locked down the dorms, with 287 students in them. 

COVID-19 in Utah Water

CNN reports that university officials found “elevated amounts” of COVID-19 in the water samples. Upon discovery, the university quarantined the 287 students in the dorms right away. The students stayed inside until their test results came back. 

The university began sampling on July 1. With sampling, the university could address potential cases.  

Utah COVID-19 Test Results

This week, the university didn’t find the virus in other samples they tested. No resident tested positive for the virus. Experts have said the virus can remain in the feces of sick people. The virus can also stay in the feces of sick people who don’t show symptoms. 

COVID-19 Outbreaks in US Schools

According to its COVID-19 dashboard, the University of South Carolina has reported 1,017 sick students. So far, this number leads all US colleges. However, the school still did not raise its alert level from “low.”  The school’s case numbers continue to climb, while its quarantine space has reached 60% occupancy.

A CNN tally has now recorded over 20,000 COVID-19 cases among students and staff in schools across 36 states. The United States has topped 6 million cases on Monday. 

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