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US Shatters Record with 118,000 New Covid-19 Cases

The United States has broken its record of daily new COVID-19 cases, as it surpassed 118,000 new infections on Thursday.

The United States keeps breaking COVID-19 records. On Thursday, the US set a new record by posting more than 118,000 new cases. Moreover, the US had broken through 100,000 new cases for the second straight day. 

COVID-19 in the US

In the CNN report, health experts had already warned that the US could see six-digit daily cases. The CDC also published a forecast saying that 266,000 people could die of COVID-19 by the end of November.

Johns Hopkins University said that the US posted at least 118,629 cases. Of these cases, 1,187 have died. This number marks an almost 20% increase in deaths over the last week. 

US COVID-19 Records

Several states have also shattered daily case records. These states broke their records on Thursday:

  •     Colorado
  •     Illinois
  •     Minnesota
  •     Pennsylvania
  •     Utah
  •     Wisconsin

The pandemic has raged in the US for ten months. During that period, over 9.6 million Americans have caught the coronavirus. At the same time, over 234,000 people have died. These patients have also filled up hospitals. On Thursday, more than 53,000 people got sent to the hospital for COVID-19.   

More Numbers

On Thursday, Ohio posted a new record of COVID-19 infections. The state reported 4,961 new cases. Out of the 4,961, 2,075 were in the hospital, while 571 were in intensive care. Gov. Mike DeWine said the spike in cases might have come from social gatherings like weddings and funerals. 

Meanwhile, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert stressed that people should change their behavior unless they want to report “even higher numbers.”

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