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US Schools Cancel Classes Amid Covid-19 Spike

US schools may have opened again too soon. COVID-19 cases have surged among several colleges. Some of them canceled in-person classes. At least 19 states have reported school outbreaks. These outbreaks came after large gatherings like parties.  

COVID-19 Ravages US Schools

CNN reports that Syracuse University has suspended 23 students after going to a party. According to school officials, the students went to a party on Wednesday night. Penn State also suspended Pi Kappa Alpha for hosting a party last August 22. 

COVID-19 Surge in Universities

The University of Notre Dame also canceled all in-person classes because of rising COVID-19 cases. Now, they hold online classes. Meanwhile, the University of Alabama is working together with the police to monitor public places for student activity. 

What Should Schools Do to Prevent COVID-19?

The CDC said that schools should try to remain open if possible. If they detect COVID-19 infections on campus, they should notify health officials right away. Then they should suspend all classes and cancel all events and activities. By doing this, the schools will buy officials enough time to study the spread.

CNN also reports that a 6-year-old girl in Florida is the youngest person to die of COVID-19. Officials don’t know where the girl had gotten the virus. With COVID-19 rising in schools, the US government should rethink its options.

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