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US Records 6 Million Covid-19 Cases

In just seven months, the United States has recorded over 6 million COVID-19 cases. The country is averaging daily case numbers of 42,000 every day. However, health experts have seen signs of hope for the country. 

US COVID-19 Numbers

According to CNN, the United States has tallied 6,031,013 cases as of September 1. The virus has also killed 183,598 people. For many young adult survivors, the virus has also given them long-term health problems. The likelihood of young people dying of COVID-19 may be slimmer than older people. However, young survivors have reported suffering permanent lung damage, chronic fatigue, and daily brain fog.

What’s the Good News for the US?

Dr. Ashish Jha said that the US was slowly improving. In a CNN report, he said the US was doing better on the last day of August compared to the first day of August. Dr. Jha directs the Harvard Global Health Institute.

Declining daily cases and death rates are also cause for hope, according to Dr. Jha. However, he also noted that COVID-19 is still getting worse in several parts of the country.  

How Should Americans Keep Safe from COVID-19?

Meanwhile, Dr. Deborah Birx warned Americans that they should not let their guard down just because things seem to be getting better. Dr. Birx coordinates the White House coronavirus task force.

The doctor stressed that Americans should double down on wearing masks and avoiding crowds. Many infections came from mass gatherings. For example, at least 260 people got infected at a motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. The rally did not require attendees to wear masks, and they didn’t stay away from each other. 

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