US march protest for black Transgender lives

On Sunday, a large number of people marched across the United States. They were campaigning for the liberty of the lives of black Trans.

Tens of Thousands of people got together at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. They were demanding just treatment towards the black Trans genders.

In the walk of fame, about twenty-five thousand people marched with the demonstration “all black lives matter”.

Not only in New York and Hollywood, but the protests also took place in Boston, San Antonio, and Chicago because of the deaths of two black transgender women in the time of 24-hours in the last week.

Dominic “Rem’Mie” Fells was found to be dead in the state Philadelphia on the ninth of June because she was brutally killed.

On the same day, Riah Milton was also killed by having been shot dead in the robbery that took place in Liberty Township, a place in Ohio.

Activists dressed in white clothing in Brooklyn to pay tribute to NAACP silent parade of the year 1917 that highlighted racist attacks.

Speakers also included Layleen Polanco’s sister who died because she got seizures in June of 2019 because she was being kept in lonely confinement in the jails of New York.

Melania Brown, the sister of Polanco spoke up that the lives of black Trans matter. She added that the life of her sister also mattered.

Not only her sister, the lives of all loved ones the blacks have lost matter and the blacks should protect them.

Organizers have confirmed that the rally was attended by about more than fifteen thousand people.

The rally came 2 days after Trump’s administration decided that the regulation made by them will end the protections made for the American Trans in the era of Obama will come to an end.

Eliel Cruz is one of the organizers of the rally and he is also one of the directors of the New York City project demanding non-violence.

He reported the CNN that “when the Trans are dying, at that time we cannot just talk about how brutally they have been killed.

But what we people are doing to make space for the blacks where they can be well and safe. Huh?

The human rights campaign confirmed that at least 14 Trans and gender non-adhering people are brutally or fatally killed or shot by many other types of violence in the year of two thousand and twenty.


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