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US Health Experts Urge Total Shutdown Amid 146,000 Covid-19 Deaths

Health experts in the United States are urging the government to shut everything down to stop the pandemic. Their warning comes after the US has tallied 1,000 COVID-19 deaths for four straight days. As of Sunday, Johns Hopkins University has recorded over 146,000 deaths from the virus. Researchers expect the death toll to reach 175,000 by August 15.

Why US Health Experts Advise Shutdown during COVID-19

CNN reports that more than 150 “prominent” health experts like doctors and scientists support shutting the US down. They have signed a letter pushing US leaders and officials to shut everything down and start over. By starting over, the government can better control the spread of the coronavirus.

The letter warned the government that they stand to “lose more than 200,000 American lives by November 1.” Yet, people are still allowed to do non-essential activities, like going to bars, restaurants, and hair salons.

The US Keeps Breaking COVID-19 Records

Since Friday, CNN also reports that 4 US states have posted record COVID-19 numbers. California holds the number 1 spot for positive cases, and it said 159 deaths on Friday. Over 4,260 deaths occurred in Los Angeles County, which accounts for “half of all virus-related deaths in the state.”

Georgia has reported 4,813 new infections on Friday, setting a new single-day record. Johns Hopkins says that over 165,180 people have gotten the virus there.

Meanwhile, nine people died of COVID-19 in Oregon last Friday. The nine deaths broke the record for most deaths in a day since the pandemic started.

US Plans for COVID-19

The US plans to reopen schools in the fall, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Local officials have also mandated wearing masks and social distancing.

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