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US Colleges See Hundreds Of Covid-19 Cases

The US is still struggling to return to normal amid COVID-19. First, businesses had to shut down. Now, schools are seeing hundreds of new infections. CNN presents the data from some US universities. 

COVID-19 in Colorado College

A student at Colorado College may have infected 155 students in a dorm. Reports say that the student did not follow social distancing rules. School officials emailed the student body on Sunday to warn them of the cases. All 155 students are under lockdown inside the Loomis Hall dorm. 

COVID-19 in Oklahoma State University

After 23 members tested positive for COVID-19, Oklahoma State locked down their sorority house. The school banned them from leaving the building. Over 48,000 people have the virus in Oklahoma. 

COVID-19 in Iowa State University

Around 175 students at Iowa State University got infected with the virus. These students lived in campus housing. For two weeks, the school had tested the student body. The tests found that 2.2% of them had the virus, while the rest did not. The 175 students are now under lockdown. All other students who interacted with the 175 cases are also under quarantine.

CNN reports that the United States has already reached 5,481,795 COVID-19 cases, with a death toll of 171,799. Johns Hopkins predicts that around 300,000 Americans will die of the virus by the end of the year. 

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