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US Approaching 10M Covid-19 Cases

The US is inching toward 10 million new COVID-19 cases because of the fall surge hitting various states.

Now that the election is over, the US could face its COVID-19 problem again. As of Sunday evening, the country has reported over 9.9 million cases. Pretty soon, the US could reach 10 million. 

US COVID-19 Cases

CNN reports that the US has posted 100,762 new cases and 453 new cases on Sunday. With these numbers, Sunday is number five on the list of days with the highest new cases since the pandemic hit. Johns Hopkins University also confirms the US has already reached 9 million cases.  

Surge Causes

The fall surge has led the United States to break records for new COVID-19 infections and deaths. Moreover, experts warn that these numbers would just keep rising in the next few weeks.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb said that states could deal with the virus, but the country has yet to do so. If this lack of action continues, December and January could be deadly. Dr. Gottlieb used to be Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration

Where COVID-19 Is Surging

On Friday, 16 states reported high numbers of people in the hospital because of COVID-19. Moreover, 22 states had at least one day in November, where they posted a record-high number of hospital admissions.

Sunday morning saw global cases jump to 50 million. Among all countries, the US, India, Brazil, and Russia are the top 4 in COVID-19 cases. These countries alone comprise over half the global patients.

As the US nears 10 million infections, Texas has added another 5,000 cases on Sunday. The state is approaching 1 million patients.

Oregon has also passed 50,000 cases on Sunday.

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