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Tom Hanks Urges Everyone to Observe Health Measures

The highlight of most recent interviews with Tom Hanks since he contracted the coronavirus is his call to everyone to observe the health protocols mandated by the experts. According to the multi-awarded actor as he was promoting his upcoming film, it is not really that difficult. He told in a TV guesting: “Wear a mask. Social distance. Wash your hands. That alone means you are contributing to the betterment of your house, your work, your town, your society as a whole and it’s such a small thing.”

‘The least you can do’

On Wednesday, Oscar-winner star Hanks made a guest appearance on TODAY via a live streaming interview with him. He was wondering how such simple things are yet to be observed, saying that it should have been “ingrained in the behavior of us all.” Nonetheless, he still believes that majority of the Americans are participating in these safety health measures.

Meanwhile, in an earlier published interview with the Guardian, the same sentiment was echoed. The actor, puzzled, expressed that he doesn’t get people who “put the foot down” and decidedly not observe the simple measures reiterated by many people, from experts to celebrities including him, over and over again.

On a video statement addressing the public, the well-loved star declared that he has no respect to people who can’t do the three measures that he advocates on his latest interviews: wearing a face mask, washing the hands, and social distancing. “Those are the three things that should be pretty easy to do,” the actor uttered. In another article, he claimed that people shouldn’t argue about doing what he considers literally “the least” that everyone can do, otherwise they shouldn’t be having a driver’s license. Over multiple statements, he shared the driver analogy in which he compared the observing of simple health protocols to driving a car. He explained that if the driver can’t follow simple traffic rules like speed limits or turn signals, they shouldn’t be driving then.

Hanks also reflected that he was raised with leaders who provide “calm and informed guidance” which he considers lacking with the current health crisis, he confessed to the Guardian.

On his new movie

Just this March, lead voice actor of the Toy Story franchise and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, were both found to have contracted the coronavirus, after testing positive while shooting for a movie in Australia. They are both 63 years old and among the first well-known figures to disclose being infected since the pandemic started. Hanks was constantly updating the public of his journey with his wife of battling the disease on social media. 

In addition to sharing some of his experiences of being infected by the virus, his rounds of recent conversation with different press people also included a promotion of his latest movie ‘Greyhound.’ It is about a story of a wartime mission, adapted from the book The Good Shepherd by CS Forester. Not only does he star in this new war drama, he also both co-produced and penned the screenplay. Hanks’ latest movie is set to debut on streaming platform Apple TV+ instead of a theatrical release due to shutdown of cinemas across the country, which admittedly broke his heart. For him, there is still a difference between cinema and TV. Premiere of ‘Greyhound’ is on July 10.

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