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Three US States Lead Covid-19 Cases Per Capita

The US continues to suffer the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though cases have declined over the past few weeks, several states still post record-high case numbers. These states are Georgia, Texas, and Florida. Moreover, these three states lead the entire US in COVID-19 cases per capita. 

COVID-19 in Georgia

According to CNN, Georgia has led all other states in daily case numbers over seven days. Coming in second and third are Texas and Florida, respectively. Georgia had seen its government push for reopening despite a surge in cases. Now, the state wants to open schools. Likewise, Gov. Brian Kemp even sued the mayor of Atlanta for daring to require face masks in the city. All public spots in the state, such as restaurants, bars, and gyms, are also open at limited capacity.

COVID-19 in Texas and Florida

On the other hand, Texas has required citizens to wear face masks. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had issued an executive order on July 3. Counties posting 20 or more COVID-19 cases should order their citizens to wear masks in public. Violators have to pay a fine. However, Florida has not ordered people to wear face coverings. More than 200 people in Florida have died of COVID-19 on Tuesday.  

Issues from COVID-19

Schools trying to reopen are also struggling with a surge of new cases among students. While the US’s weekly average has come down to 49,000, it’s still only second to India. The US has posted an average of 1,000 deaths a day for the past 23 days. Now, more than 5.5 million Americans have the virus. At least 172,000 people have died.

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