This startup solves the management of shipments in your ecommerce or physical store and helps you save up to 70% in logistics expenses

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If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur or you have a physical store that makes home deliveries , you surely know how difficult it is to manage shipments : which company covers the area where you are going to send the package, check the delivery times and of course, search the best prices . To facilitate this task, the SkydropX platform offers a tool that helps you organize all your deliveries and save up to 70% in logistics expenses .

SkydropX started in 2014, as a food delivery app founded by Gustavo Sambrano. Two years later they pivoted to expand their parcel delivery, under the name of Señor Correo.

“There we realized that there was a lot of opportunity in the delivery business. There were many variables that complicated the logistics of shipments for companies ” , explained Mitzi López Valle , vice president of Marketing at SkydropX , for Entrepreneur en Español .

In 2018, the startup once again reformulated its business model, adopting its current name of SkydropX to become a comprehensive logistics solution in the parcel shipping arena.

“We decided to focus on digitizing the parcel logistics process. Now, this tool allows you to do all your shipments and create your delivery strategy from a single platform. With this you can save and optimize resources, while giving your customers a better shipping experience ” , explained the executive.

The first three months of the pandemic in Mexico, in 2020, Skydropx saw a 50% increase in the demand for parcels “and no one was prepared, we were all going crazy,” says the executive. This saturated the sector, even in the low season, delaying deliveries by one to two weeks. Thus, digital businesses were forced to request more than one parcel service; today they have 5 to 6 on average, says the platform.

At the same time, SkydropX saw an increase in customer sales channels. “The same business can have its physical store, sell on Amazon, Mercado Libre, Shopify, and also on social networks. This means that each channel implies a different operation, ” says López Valle.

What is SkydropX exactly?

Often times, people are confused and think that SkydropX is a parcel delivery service in itself, but Mitzi clarified that “we are a logistics software that allows to centralize all the shipping options that an entrepreneur has.”

Thanks to its strategic alliances, SkydropX users have access to more than 50 shipping options in real time , with discounts of up to 40% . In other words, small entrepreneurs can find prices that they might not get due to their low volume of shipments.

“The main problems that we can solve for entrepreneurs are delivery times , the part of returns , the digitization of processes and how to take care of your packages , which are the most difficult challenges faced by both business owners and suppliers. parcel services, “he said.

“For example, we are seeing that the perception of delivery time for a user is no longer the same. Before they told you ‘your package arrives in five days’, and there was no problem, now we are facing how to do that in two hours or less, “ says López Valle.

How do deliveries from SkydropX work?

Users only need to register to be able to choose from a list of shipping options based on their priority: price, delivery time, service, and other variables.

“Once the delivery channel has been chosen, the software generates a shipping guide, you print it and place it in your package. Then you have two options, the first is to call or through the same platform to generate a collection for someone from the parcel to pick up the package at your home or business, or you can take the package yourself to the shipping center, ” Mitzi explained.

After this, the seller can track the package and receive alerts with the ‘radar’ function, so that he can also send updates to his customers.

The advantages of implementing a shipping management tool in your business

Part of Skydropx ‘s strategy is to offer to be a useful tool for all types of clients.

“The philosophy is that the solution can be ‘customized’ or adapted to any business. In other words, it can work the same for an entrepreneur who sells 50 articles a month through social networks, as for a large marketplace that handles more than 200,000 monthly shipments ” , highlighted the VP of Marketing.

According to company data, the use of its software can achieve a 70% reduction in logistics expenses , as well as a 91% saving in operating time “by synchronizing order data, avoiding errors and setbacks” , they highlight.

Using it is as simple as opening your account in SkydropX and linking it to your online store . To facilitate this step, the platform has an alliance with Shopify Mexico so that virtual stores created from the ecommerce platform can be easily linked to the shipping manager .

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