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This New Nasal Spray Could Block Covid-19 Infections

A research team from Columbia University has developed a nasal spray that prevented COVID-19 infections in ferrets and 3D models of human lungs.

While we hope for a vaccine to save us from COVID-19, researchers have developed a nasal spray that stops infections. People living in low-income rural areas could use this spray if the vaccines don’t reach them. 

COVID-19 Nasal Spray

Engadget reports that a team from Columbia University created the COVID-19 nasal spray. During their tests, the team found that the spray stopped infections in ferrets and 3D models of human lungs. 

How the Spray Works

According to the report, the spray blocks infections by stopping a key protein in the virus from forming a required shape. The spray should also work right away. Its effects should last for 24 hours. Moreover, you don’t need to put it in the fridge.

This spray could help people buy some time before the creation of a vaccine. Also, the vaccine might not be available right away.  

When Can We Use the COVID-19 Nasal Spray?

However, this spray would not be available to the public for some time. The team still needs to test it on real human beings. Moreover, if the spray gets approved, the team would need to mass-produce it. Columbia did say that the team wants to move on to further testing quickly.

Several parts of the world might not receive mass COVID-19 vaccinations right away. This spray would protect them from the virus for a while. Also, the spray could support vaccination efforts. If you can’t take vaccines, you can just use the spray daily. 

With the spray and the vaccines, we might have a shot at ending the pandemic.

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