This After-Alcohol Aid Has Already Generated $25M in Revenue &#8212 and They’re Seeking Investors

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Alcohol is a $250 billion industry in the United States, give or take. Elbowing your way into this cash-rich environment is a tough battle for any brand, but Cheers is taking an intriguing and unique approach in trying to contribute to this space. They’re pioneering an entirely new category for alcohol-related health that doesn’t seem to compete with that $250 billion at all – it complements it.


What if Cheers could help adults drink alcohol without throwing their health consciousness out the window while helping them feel better the next morning?

Drinking and health don’t have to be mortal enemies.

Whether you’ve had one drink or one too many, the feeling of waking up the next day at…well, less than 100 percent…is almost universal. That waking realization is also often met with the same feeling of, “why the heck did I do that?”

Cheers understands that feeling “bleh” after drinking impacts responsible adults even more. As you get older, less and less alcohol makes you feel worse and worse the next day, and their line of alcohol-related health products was created from a very real need. Their products have helped people feel better the next day, showing that you can still enjoy a few drinks while having a productive morning, the company says. In other words, you don’t have to compromise, which in the world of adulthood is quite the enticement.

If you consume alcohol, taking Cheers to feel better can be a no-brainer.

The brand’s flagship product, Cheers Restore, gets to the root cause of why you don’t feel 100 percent the day after drinking. Through the use of their hero ingredient, dihydromyricetin (DHM), Cheers’ patented formula is designed to reduce GABAa rebound, increases acetaldehyde metabolism, and gives your liver the support it needs to metabolize alcohol, the company says.

Cheers doesn’t guarantee their products as a “cure all”, but they do set realistic expectations that you should feel at least 50 percent better compared to how you would normally feel after a night out after taking Cheers Restore – or get a refund on your order. This satisfaction guarantee is guided by the human study conducted for their patent, where participants felt an average of 50 percent better after taking their formula.

Now, after generating $25 million in online revenue through their full line of alcohol-related health products, the company is seeking investors via StartEngine.

Their newest product, a beverage form of their Cheers Restore capsules, utilizes an exclusive permeabilizer technology co-invented with an Ivy League University that has been shown to increase the bioavailability of pure DHM by up to 19x in in-vivo studies conducted for their patent application, the company says. This has taken years of R&D to figure out, and Cheers’ research team is optimistic that this technology will set a new standard for DHM-based products, giving Cheers a competitive advantage as they plan to scale their business.

How to invest.

After marking year-to-year growth since launching the company in 2017, Cheers posted their first annual profit in 2020 and opened their latest round of investment opportunities earlier this year via StartEngine

Using exclusive patented technology and focusing singularly on alcohol-related health, Cheers plans to use the influx of support to move beyond their digital storefront and take steps toward their grand vision of making Cheers Restore available anywhere that alcohol is sold.

In addition to their Online Public Offering, Cheers is offering 20 percent off your next purchase on their website by using the code INVEST20 during checkout.

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