These apps help you to ‘accompany’ your loved ones from the Beyond

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No one can deny that applications are an important part of Apple and Google ‘s business, as they solve a large number of day-to-day problems. It is enough to enter the digital stores of these brands to find the platform you need for your wedding photos, calculate your expenses, memorize speeches and believe it or not, die better.

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That’s how it is. As incredible as it may seem, there are apps that help you organize your earrings and prepare your farewell to your loved ones for when it is time to leave. It may seem morbid, but these tools allow you to record beautiful messages or even know what to say in times of crisis.

Would you use them?

Cake is sold as an application that seeks to celebrate life. As it does? Registering your preferences and wishes on the platform, so that they are clearly written so that your loved ones know what to do and respect your wishes and decisions after your death. It has digital cards in which you can concisely express your wishes, a section to organize papers, accounts and contacts and a concierge who advises you online on what you need to have in order.

At the end you choose the contacts with whom you want to share this information which will only be available confirming the death of the creator of the profile.

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It is similar to Cake, but more complete because it allows you to have experts who will guide you to find the best way to leave this world with everything organized. The information you can leave on this page ranges from funeral plans, to your inheritance, banking information and your last wishes in extreme cases. There is an individual option and one for your business.

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This tool confirms your death with three contacts that you have chosen in the past and gives them a digital package that you have prepared. You can manage obituaries, signature books for funerals, make resource walls with images and video (you have the option to upload files of up to 10GB of space with an annual payment of € 29/597 pesos.), Establish heirs of your digital content and to online wills that are compatible with notarial bequests.

And other macabre curiosities …

These applications are ideal to help you plan your eternal rest, but there are other tools that make death a totally interactive experience (so to speak).

  • iWish: You can make lists of the things you want to accomplish before you go.
  • Just to Say : There are times when you don’t know what to say, such as at the funeral of a loved one of a friend. This app will give you options of phrases to express your pain and your friendship in a correct way.
  • iCemetery : Find the grave of loved or famous people with this GPS-powered service. Tell my bye: this tool confirms your death with three contacts you have chosen in the past and announces on all your social networks that you have passed away. So your followers, friends and contacts can properly say goodbye to you.
  • Password Box (formerly Legacy Locker) : Of course you can leave instructions physically stored in a safe, but this page gives you the digital solution to this problem. With it you can encrypt documents and leave them saved until it is time to be delivered to the person you indicate.

Would you plan with one of these services? We hope you don’t have to use them for a long time.

(With information from Martha Violante)

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