There Are Vending Machines in Canada That Sell PPEs, Not Snacks

Several public locations in Canada boast of vending machines that have PPE for sale rather than snacks or beverages. Thanks to a manager from a payments company.

For Those in the Rush

The man behind the vending machine is Gilad Levy, a general manager at fintech firm Nayax in Canada. The vending machine includes PPE kits, 3-ply and KN95 face masks, various reusable masks, hand sanitizers, and disposable gloves, according to CNN Travel. 47-year old Levy has installed the machines in several Canadian malls and at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Telling the Canadian Press, Levy told the significance of the PPE dispenser as solving a problem. He said: “[The vending machines] basically help the people that didn’t have a mask with them, or they just dropped it on the floor and now they don’t want to put it back on their face, or they’re going for a long flight and they didn’t think to take more for the ride.”

Public Service

Levy’s previous job was being a first responder at emergency services in New York. He wanted to be able to help as the novel coronavirus was also spreading in Canada. He gained an idea from his past job.

“When the pandemic started, I was thinking about ways that I could help,” he told CNN Travel. He then said that he realized he could combine his expertise “with cashless payment solutions and my knowledge of PPEs” to set the vending machines up. That is, for him, so that people could keep safe even when they do their other daily activities while also stopping the spread of COVID-19.

PPE Supplies

Working at a payments company had aided him in obtaining the machines. The difficulty was in stocking them with different PPEs. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, many countries experienced PPE shortages. But with time, as more PPE became widely produced, it is not much of a problem to Levy anymore.

Levy makes sure the machines are supplied with PPEs Aside from that, Levy also wanted them to be “high-quality.” However, he did not want to compromise the supply for frontline workers. Levy noted that the PPEs in the vending machines are either Canadian-made or regulator-approved.

“Currently, all of the PPEs in the vending machines are either made in Canada or approved by Canadian regulators,” he noted.

Positive Feedback

The Nayax general manager has also collaborated with mall and property management company Oxford Properties. Some of their malls have already implemented PPE vending machines. Per a spokesperson for the company, “We’ve received great customer feedback about the machines as it’s helped many out in a pinch when they have forgotten a mask or want to swap a fresh one.”

Oxford Properties also assured that they regularly disinfect the machines only with products recommended by the CDC. They also noted that for those who would use the machine, the company included hand sanitizing zones.

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