The Trump Administration is going to block the investigation of Covid-19 rescue programs

Trump Administration Refuse to Cooperate relating to PPP loan information

Trump administration is putting a great effort to block examination of rescue programs about COVID-19.

The act raises a red flag to both the administration lawmakers and watchdog. This is because they suspect that unknown corporations are getting the funds. PPP program established to help businesses survive in the midst of coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, government watchdogs send a warning to the members of Congress. They said that Trump’s decisions of administration could block the transparency.

This raises concern because trillion-dollar spending from taxpayer funds related to the pandemic cannot be examined.

Trump Administration Refuse to Disclose PPP Loan Information

On Thursday, the administration watchdog said that Trump’s administration tries to conceal the PPP result information. This causes them to send letters to the Congressional committees

However, the administration didn’t budge. Instead, they issued lawful ruling to stop the investigation of the Cares Act Funding.

The note encircles around to bipartisan dissatisfaction. This is due to the decision of the administration about the PPP loan information. They chose not to reveal how they spend hundreds of billion dollars for helping businesses.

The treasury secretary, Mnuchin claims he will cooperate to share the fund information. But some of the Democrat said that White House is not going to take part in disclosing the information.

The letters to the congress committee were made known to the public. The issue surface only after bipartisan question about the fund in PPP Cares Act Program.

The attorney of the treasury department defends the administration. He says that the administration will not grant the beneficiary information request.

White House has repeatedly rejected requests about the investigation of where taxpayer money goes. The rebuffed followed by Secretary Treasury, Mnuchin insists that he will not hand over the PP data.

The administration persistently refuses to share where the $511 billion in taxpayer-backed loan goes to.

Mnuchin claimed that revealing the PPP data will compromise the privacy of PPP recipients. This is in contrast to the previous statement released by Trump administration officials. The official used to say that they would disclose the information.

Trump administration announced that in the end, all data will be published. But the note from the general inspectors and Mnuchin’s states that the Public-Private Partnership data stay hidden.

White House has frequently rejected hard-work to survey where the funding of the taxpayer is going.

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