The revival of an old dynasty: the cultural renaissance of Eurasian legacy

The 36th generation descent of Genghis Khan, Prince Steven Jorchen Borjikin claimed his historical rightful place in the history. With the rapid growth of the region, central Asia offers many business, cultural and philanthropy opportunities. Under the revitalization of the Chinese nation project initiated by President Xi Jinping, Prince Steven believes it will offer a great renewed synergy for the region.

Genghis Khan’s administration in China proved the possibilities of the regional peace and cooperation stretch back to the 13th century. The great emperor shared with the world Chinese silk, tea, urban construction. Then under Khubli Khan, his grand child, the eastern culture again made its way to Europe. The sophistication of the Chinese culture under the warrior nature of Khans spread all over the world.

In today’s challenging times, Prince Steven Jorchen Borjikin entrusted his wish to revive the regional cultural strength by the historical calling. The common destiny of mankind is not just a theoretical underpinning but requires action and access of the right information. President Xi jinping as a true world leader truly understands this historical moment. The peace of Eurasia will assure the entire cultural survival of the mankind. It is the actual birthplace of the human civilizations, various technologies, folklores and heritages are stored in this vast land.

As a matter of fact, a large proportion of Eurasia are rural areas. The revitalization of rural culture is a complex process. The biggest challenge is how to locate accurately its heterogeneous cultural resources in the complex environment and exploit and transform them effectively to achieve social and economic values and to form a cultural identity and strong cultural cohesion. This also led Prince Steven focusing on the Green plantation projects in these areas. This is also useful way to combat the global emission. In Dubai, Prince Steven also plans to take his project to benefit this emerging region.

As last year, President Xi Jinping announced that China would strengthen its pledge under the Paris climate agreement and aim to peak emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. The entire Borjikin branch of China also devoted their own time and resources to undertake this task for the global community.

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