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Study Says More Americans Are Drinking Under Covid-19

As COVID-19 upended everybody’s lives this year, more people are turning to alcohol to cope. New research shows that Americans over 30 are drinking more during the pandemic. The study also suggests that drinking more could pose risks to their mental and physical health. 

Drinking During COVID

CNN reports that more people started drinking this year than last year, representing an increase of 14%. The researchers also said that 75% of Americans are adding one more drinking day per month.

Sociologists from the RAND Corporation looked at 1,540 people from 30 to 80 years old. The participants had to answer two surveys on their drinking habits, covering April 29, 2019, to June 16, 2020. 

COVID-19 Drinking Numbers

According to the research, the subjects said they drank alcohol on more days. They added that their number of drinks increased. Moreover, they drank heavily on more days. Over the last 30 days between 2019 and 2020, the subjects said they got more alcohol-related problems.

The data also said that 17% more women drank. Also, drinking among people 30 to 59 years old increased by 19%. More white people also started drinking, representing an increase of 10%.

Heavy drinking among women also rose by 41%, meaning one in five women added one more day of heavy drinking to their week.  

Drinking Risks

Based on the research, experts warn about the increased risk of substance abuse. More people buying and drinking alcohol also suggest a possible surge in alcohol abuse. 

Experts suggest finding healthy ways to cope with stress during the pandemic. These ways include taking a break from work, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep.

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