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Study Says 51% of School Employees at High Covid-19 Risk

US schools are still struggling to reopen as COVID-19 keeps spreading among students. Now, a new study might give them more challenges.  

COVID-19 in Schools

CNN reports that school employees across the US are at a higher risk of catching COVID-19, according to the study. In the report, between 42% and 51% of these employees are more vulnerable to the virus. Researchers found that these workers fulfilled the CDC’s criteria for a high risk of COVID-19 infection.

According to the CDC, school employees with underlying conditions like diabetes and obesity are in the highest risk group. The researchers said that around 33.9 to 44.2 million adults at high COVID-19 risk work in schools, either directly or not.

COVID-19 Risk in Schools

The study showed that school employees working as low-skill support staff were also at high risk of infection. More than 58% of them are in danger of infection. Meanwhile, around 38% are teachers and teaching assistants. Finally, 39% of administrators and higher-skilled staff are under threat.

About 63% of these employees also lived in houses together with adults at high infection risk. Moreover, 59% of schoolchildren lived in households with vulnerable adults. High-school children were more likely to live in houses with vulnerable adults than elementary school kids. 

When the Study Was Done

CNN says that the data came before the pandemic, which doesn’t account for the employment changes and school attendance. Also, CNN says that the study may not represent the actual number of school employees at risk.

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