Study Reveals that 61% of Jobseekers Want to Jump to Other Industries

An Amazon-commissioned study found out that more than half of the job seekers intend to transition into a new industry amid the pandemic.

A recent study suggests that more than half of those unemployed amid the pandemic want to shift careers. The health crisis had many of the industries caught off guard, shutting operations and shedding workforce. Therefore, job seekers attempt to enter new territory.

Towards New Career Path

Morning Consult conducted the new survey, and e-commerce giant Amazon commissioned for it. The study is part of Amazon’s virtual Career Day event on September 16, which would hold thousands of free coaching sessions for job seekers. Amazon also promised to open 33,000 new roles in the US.

The study found that many Americans try out new fields different from their previous jobs. Particularly, 61 percent of US job seekers said that they want to transition to another industry. It essentially means a company with a different line of business from their previous or current work. Moreover, the pandemic forced 53 percent of the job seekers to do so, according to Amazon’s press release.

Industries in the Pandemic

In addition, Amazon said that most of these job hunters desire to enter new fields like healthcare and technology. Also, Americans expect such sectors would expand and open more hire. It comes as other industries struggle so hard in the health crisis.

On the other hand, an Amazon spokesperson told CNN business that those surveyed also revealed which industries would least likely to hire. 53 percent answered that businesses involved in travel, leisure, and hospitality may provide fewer opportunities.

Skills and Career

Meanwhile, over 27 percent of these job seekers reckoned that some or all of their skills could become irrelevant in the coming years. However, about half of the respondents said they would leave their current jobs if another employer funds and provides upskills training.

Moreover, about one-third of the job hunters believe that learning technical skills could help them land a work. Also, 36 percent revealed that their present employment does not really use their primary skills.

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