Study finds Keto diet good for type 2 diabetes

A recent study on the impact of the Keto diet on the human body established that this diet can be important for type 2 diabetes patients. In a ketogenic diet, people eat foods with low carbs. This means that less glucose will be produced in the body and therefore glucose levels will remain relatively low. The research established that the low consumption of carbs helps in the elimination of huge spikes of blood sugar and therefore reducing the need for insulin. It was also established that type 2 diabetes patients who follow the Ketogenic diet may reduce the need for continuous medication. The study proves that there are other benefits of Ketogenic diet which include reduction of anxiety and depression. Through a ketogenic diet, one can reduce anxiety. The study established that anxiety diminishes because of brain benefits obtained from the consumption of healthy fats as well as reduced consumption of sugar. The study also established that the ketogenic diet had a big impact on reduced depression. It was also established that people on the Keto diet sleep better and sounder. During the initial periods of the ketogenic diet, one may experience insomnia.  After your body completely adjusts to the Ketogenic diet, you sleep in a more relaxed way. Sugar is the fastest way to get energy, however, it’s not the best for your brains. Through ketogenesis, your brain will function better because there is the absence of glucose or sugars. This is because your brain’s energy will now come from ketogenesis and not from glucose.

Other benefits of the Keto diet

While adjusting from the use of carbs for energy to the use of fats for the energy you may experience fatigue, headaches, nausea, or even confusion. After your body makes a complete switch you will find yourself having greater endurance and much more energy. There are many other benefits of using the keto diet.  These having a healthier liver, fall of inflammation makers, and improvement of heart health. The ketogenic diet also helps in the treatment of cancer.

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