Stores Having Difficulties to Impose Strict Mask Policy

Amidst the rising number of coronavirus cases in the US, some retail stores are yet to mandate a stricter mask policy within store premises. But hope is still not gone, as those more recognizable chains are starting to require customers of wearing masks.

Balancing safety and security

While some states have not implemented a strict requirement of use of face coverings, there are establishments that find it difficult then to enforce a mask policy due to security of the employees. There have been numerous reports of people who resist wearing masks and then being aggressive towards store employees.

One example is The Foot Locker, which according to CEO Dick Johnson, their stores will not put their staff at risk of having to encounter those customers who are opposed to wearing masks.

This was echoed by Southeastern Grocers, which prevents “friction” among their employees and customers. However, the company’s spokesperson revealed that starting July 27, they will start requiring customers face masks.

More stores in the way

A growing number of stores are jumping to the hype of implementing mask policies, with more evidence indicating the effectiveness of masks in easing the spread of COVID-19.. This is met with wide support from the public, according to a survey. The list of those who are soon to require shoppers to use masks, as per Business Insider, include ALDI, CVS, Gap, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Kroger, Macy’s, Publix, Sam’s Club, Target, and Whole Foods. They are in addition to other establishments who are already requiring masks, like Apple, Best Buy, Costco, Starbucks, Walmart, among several others.

Plea to governors

On Friday, several retail store owners, including CEOs of Southeastern Grocers and Foot Locker have gathered to write an open letter through CNN Business, addressing US governors to implement a mask policy in their respective states. The business owners claimed that there are still states are yet to implement a strict mask policy.

According to their letter, “In mandating the use of masks in public settings, the role of enforcement should not fall upon our employees, team members, and associates. Requiring retail employees to serve as de facto law enforcement could lead to an unsafe environment for our employees and customers.”

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