Starbucks to Implement Strawless Lids in Several Cold Beverages

Maybe your next Starbucks drink will bear no straw. The coffee retailer giant officially introduces “strawless lids.” The move will affect company-operated and licensed stores. Basically, “strawless lids” look like sippy cups, but for adults.

Starbucks’ Goal to Reduce Plastic Wastes

Actually, the company already started a pilot for this program. Two years ago, Starbucks announced it wanted to ditch straws in its stores by 2020. With this decision, the company said it could help rid of over one billion plastic straws annually.

Select Starbucks locations in North America served several beverages with the strawless lids. The company deemed it successful in a blog post.

The Strawless Lid

Therefore, Starbucks said on Thursday that the “strawless lids” will officially roll out in its stores in the US and Canada. The Starbucks-made lids will become standard for all iced coffee, tea, espresso, and Refreshers beverages. Customers can expect the new change by the end of the month.

However, other blended drinks and beverages with whipped cream would still be served as is. Customers can still opt for straw by requesting it from the store. 

Starbucks obtained the design of the lid from that of their hot beverages. The company claims it has a nine percent lower amount of plastic compared to the flat lid and straw typically included in their iced beverages.

Moreover, these new lids can undergo recycling, unlike the straws. Starbucks made the strawless lid from polypropylene. The company also said that the lid meets the design guidelines for recyclability set by the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

Safeguarding the Environment

According to Michael Kobori, the company’s chief sustainability officer, the effort to phase out straw furthers their journey in lowering their environmental footprint

Meanwhile, the director of global packaging solutions and innovations, Andy Corlett, said they “trialed several prototypes” before arriving at the final version. 

“This is a significant moment for Starbucks as we work to reduce waste and safeguard the environment,” Corlett added.

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