Sony Pictures Advances Sustainability Program Efforts Among Productions

Sony Pictures vows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on single-use plastics

The entertainment division of the Japanese conglomerate Sony Corp. is pledging efforts to be more environment-friendly. Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced intentions of reducing dependence on single-use plastics. The media company also vows to minimize a quarter by 2025 its greenhouse gas emissions across business functions, per the Deadline.

Lowering Impact

The green initiative from Sony Pictures will begin with eradicating the need to use single-use plastics. This will apply toall business functions of the Hollywood studio. To start, single-use plastic water bottles are eliminated and will be replaced by recyclable aluminum cans among other alternatives.

The company is also aggressive in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. A Sony’s press release on Monday reads: “Over the next five years, [Sony Pictures] commits to reducing emissions by 25 percent by doubling down on the use of renewable energy.” Per the company, the studio has trimmed down emissions by 22 percent during 2012-2018.

The studio is accelerating the speed of reduction by investing in solar energy and efficient battery storage systems.” 

Going Global

Sony Pictures Entertainment also plans global expansion of its Sustainable Production program. Included are productions set in North and South America and Europe. The said program refers to the efforts of the studio to support reduction of environmental impact among its production operations. US productions from fiscal year 2019 under Sony reached 100 percent Sustainable Production. 

John Rego, VP of Sustainability for Sony, stated: “Now, we’re setting an even higher bar for the next five years, building on our progress and expanding our efforts to reduce the impact of content creation internationally while eliminating single-use plastics.”

Green Initiative

The move is part of the Sony Road to Zero initiative that was launched 2010. This campaign from the Sony Group had set goals for the company by 2050 to reach zero environmental footprint. Environmental Media Association CEO Debbie Levin acknowledged the company’s efforts. She said: “Sony Pictures has been an extraordinary partner in leading the global industry towards sustainable production practices.”

She added that her nonprofit group, which is dedicated to encouraging sustainable production across entertainment, is in support of the studio’s 5-year goals. “As we experience an unprecedented global health crisis, understanding the relationship with our natural resources and honoring prevention through our conscious practices are now more essential than ever.”

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