Scientists Teleport Data Between Two Quantum Chips

Scientists at the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark have made a breakthrough discovery by achieving quantum teleportation of data between two computer chips for the first time. This allowed the scientists to be able to send information from one chip to another instantly, while no physical connection existed between the chips. The same scientists say that this breakthrough opens the possibility for both quantum computers and quantum internet.

Scientists achieve Quantum Teleportation!

The teleportation was made possible thanks to a phenomenon called quantum entanglement. This phenomenon is where two particles are so entwined that they can communicate over long distances. It means that changing the properties of one particle will cause the other to change as well, instantly. With quantum entanglement, there is theoretically no limit to the distance. If we can correctly harness this phenomenon, this would be increasingly beneficial for quantum computing. The team used a pair of entangled photons on the chips. Then, the scientists performed a quantum measurement of one photon; this would later cause the changes to be applied to the partner photon that was on the other chip.

The team programmed each of the chips to perform a range of demonstrations that used quantum entanglement. The most important was the simple fact that the two-chip teleportation experiment where the individual quantum state of a particle was transmitted across the two chips after a quantum measurement was performed.

The teleportation success rate was 91%, and the essential functions included passing states between particles that have never directly interacted via a mediator and entangling as many as four protons together. This type of teleportation doesn’t move any matter, but moves quantum information. Up until recently, scientists could only teleport quantum bits or “qubits.” These bits are the basic unit of quantum information, and these particles can be in two states at once.

Multidimensional quantum teleportation could have a significant effect on quantum computing. Ciarán lee, from the university college of London, remarked, “The higher the dimensions of your quantum system, the more secure you can ensure your communication is and the more information you can encode.” Being able to teleport qutrits, which are particles that can be in three states at once, could take both quantum computing and communication to the next level.

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