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Russia’s Covid-19 Vaccine Triggers Immune Response in Early Trials

After initial trials, Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine has delivered promising results. Trial data show that the vaccine triggered immune responses from the subjects. While the subjects reported side effects like fever, the data show they were mild effects. 

Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Called Sputnik V, Russia’s vaccine is the world’s first approved COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine drew controversy when it came out. Experts say that Russia pushed the vaccine forward too quickly. They didn’t even begin Phase 3 trials yet. 

Now, the vaccine has brought promising results after Phase 1 and 2 trials. Published in The Lancet, the report said that all 76 subjects produced COVID-19 antibodies during the trials.

Researchers also said the vaccine triggered T-cell responses “within 28 days.” 

About 50% of the subjects experienced fevers, while 42% had headaches. Moreover, around 28% of the subjects felt weakness, while 24% had joint pains. 

Experts: Russia Needs More Trials

While Phase 1 and 2 trials give hope, scientists say Russia still needs to start Phase 3 trials that involve more people. This way, they will prove that their vaccine is both safe and effective.

Russia had registered the vaccine in August, before starting large-scale trials. In the same month, Russia also approved beginning the Phase 3 trial, which involves 40,000 volunteers. 

Russia’s Mass Trials

CNN reports that Russia wants to start mass vaccinations in October. Medical staff and teachers will receive the first dose. Already, more than 5,000 people in Moscow have signed up for the trials.

Polls in Moscow do suggest that nearly 50% of its citizens don’t fully trust the vaccine. They doubt whether the vaccine is safe enough. However, two months ago, 90% of the citizens had the same doubts. 

Vaccine trials will begin in Moscow next week.

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