Rope pulleys – what are they and what are they for?

Equipment of lifting devices often consists of a large number of elements, and one of them are pulleys, also called pulleys. They are widely used and perform well in many tasks. They come in different types, so you can adapt them to the job and your own requirements and needs. See what they are and what are they for?

Rope pulleys – characteristics

Rope pulleys are often found in lifts and lifts. Their use in conjunction with ropes also finds a place in sailing.

The types of discs should always be selected according to the work to be performed and the conditions in which they will work. This allows them to work properly and to eliminate any possible dangers.

Their high quality ensures full safety of their use. They do not endanger the operator or third parties. Suitable products should, inter alia, meet the requirements of the current machinery directive. Good quality ensures safe work in various types of companies, mills or workshops.

What are rope pulleys for?

The products are used in a wide area of ​​production and industry. Rope pulleys are primarily used to handle the rope, sometimes also chains. They are the element that guides the ropes in the device. They also have the effect of changing the direction of its lead. Rope pulleys are often found in lifts and lifts. Their use in conjunction with ropes.

Their task is to directly suspend the load. It is also possible to suspend indirectly, using a sling. They work well when used in transport routes, because they are very durable. They have top hooks with safety latches.

Depending on the type, rope sheaves with the help of ropes are able to lift very large and heavy loads, even up to several dozen tons. For this reason, they are used in industries where it becomes necessary to transport, assemble and reload very large items.

Types of rope pulleys

There are two main types of rope sheaves – fixed rope sheaves and sliding rope sheaves. Fixed pulleys are primarily characterized by a stationary block. Rope pulleys are their opposite, they have a movable block.

Rope pulleys also differ in the materials used. The quality and effectiveness of their work depends mainly on them. They should be built of good quality components and elements. Their selection usually determines their usefulness for work and what tasks they can perform.

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