Rate of Families with Kids Suffering From Food Insecurity Rose Amid the Pandemic

According to a recent analysis from an economic policy initiative, food insecurity rose to record-highs since the pandemic began. And the rate of families with kids experiencing hunger doubles from that in 2018.

Food Insecurity

In a recent analysis of The Hamilton Project, they found out that one in three families with children suffer from food insecurity amid the health crisis. Overall, one out of every four households also experiences food insecurity, per the group’s new report.

A The Hamilton Project fellow, Lauren Bauer, told CNN what food insecurity means. “Food insecurity means families don’t have sufficient food to provide an active and healthy lifestyle.

“But most importantly, it means they don’t have sufficient resources to go out and purchase more,” Bauer added.

Families with Kids

Bauer further added that usually, food insecurity increases during an economic crisis. However, it surprised them that hunger disproportionately affecting families with kids

Moreover, children coming from low-income households are vulnerable amid this health crisis. At a normal time, schools provide them two meals every day. However, remote classes would render it impossible. 

Bauer said that Congress should consider these families while looking into the next round of relief and assistance.

Cash Assistance to Families

Further in The Hamilton Project’s blog post, they said though prepared meal programs help, evidence shows that grocery vouchers are more effective at addressing food insecurity. The organization noted that the number of participation in summer meal sites differ from location to location.

Meanwhile, an effort called Pandemic-EBT will expire by September 30, unless extended. The program provides money to low-income households as a substitute for the meals children get from their schools.

But if the program ends, Bauer said that families with children will suffer because schools remain closed. “It is definitely not good.”

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