Pringles’ New ‘Recyclable’ Can Design Debuts in Some UK Stores For a Trial

Pringles tests new can design in the UK. It comes years after a recycling group dubbed the popular snack’s packaging as the main “recycling villain,” per news reports.

The Traditional Pringles Cans

The green British group, The Recycling Association, dubbed the cylindrical Pringles container as a “nightmare” in 2017. The snacks’ packaging even topped the body’s list of worst recycling offenders.

The recognized Pringles cans consist of a cardboard foil as the body, with a metal base and a plastic cap. The Recycling Association called out such design as “impossible to separate the parts.”

Introducing a New Can Design

Pringles’ parent company Kellogg’s recently introduced a new can design for the popular snack. Recycled paper now comprises the updated can design, which made way into several UK grocery stores for a test run.

The company also said it would trial the new can for six weeks. Kellogg’s added that the company would collect feedback from customers. It could expand the design in the rest of Europe.

Furthermore, Kellogg’s produces three million cans of Pringles daily in Europe alone, with each having a shelf life of fifteen months. Moreover, Kellogg’s also revealed that they worked on the design for twelve months, BBC reports

Kellogg’s also said that the updated Pringles can-design furthers the company’s target of converting all its packaging to become reusable, recyclable, or compostable. 

The Plastic Problem Remains

The Recycling Association’s chief executive Simon Ellin told BBC that the group welcomes the updated version of the packaging.

However, a problem still remains. The updated packaging comes in two versions: one made of cardboard and the other, plastic.

“Frankly, if they are going to stick to a plastic lid, that’ll just add to problems with plastic pollution,” Ellin stated. He also explained that people tend to leave the plastic lids behind, which eventually pollutes the seas.

“That plastic lid has to go,” Ellin added. He said to Yahoo UK that packaging with fewer materials makes recycling easier.

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