Point Blank Life: Tactical Enthusiast Shop!

Today, we’ll be introducing the newest entry to the online tactical enthusiast gear industry! This brand, which has decided to go by the name, Point Blank Life, is set to officially open its doors within the following weeks.

If you have an interest in gear similar to the ones used by our nation’s military personnel and public safety professionals, make sure to stick around till the end to learn more!

We’ll be sharing all that we know from this point on…

Introducing… Point Blank Life!

‘Point Blank’, if you’re a tactical enthusiast, then you’re probably already aware of the meaning of this term. But, just in case, the definition of Point Blank is as follows: A shot that is “too close to miss” or a “direct aim”!

In the late middle ages, this was used to describe white archery targets. With ‘Blank’ having been ‘Blanc’, the French word for white, and ‘Point’ describing the white spot on the target that one is meant to aim for.

 Point Blank Life — Target! From @maurogigliphoto
Point Blank Life — Target! From @maurogigliphoto

A Premium Source of Tactical Enthusiast Gear!

We interpret the meaning of the brand name “Point Blank Life” in this way:

That is, it’s a way of life that aims directly at the target. So close to the target that the shot never once falters and instead aims straight at the core of the matter.

This interpretation seems to mesh with Point Blank Life’s mission statement as well, which is to become a premium source of tactical enthusiast gear for both enthusiasts and your average, everyday person. One that aims to always be straightforward and its dealings and promises to never miss a shot!

Is it Legal to Purchase Tactical Gear from Point Blank Life?

Although certain gear used by military personnel and public safety professionals shouldn’t be in the hands of civilians, there is nothing expressly forbidding anyone from purchasing tactical gear from tactical enthusiast stores like Point Blank Life!

Point Blank Life aims to offer a wide selection of military-grade tactical holsters and knives (amongst other things.) These were developed to mimic the quality of the gear used by the aforementioned military personnel and public safety professionals in terms of quality and build, but there’s nothing being sold there that should get you in trouble.

Point Blank Life — Military Personnel! From @diegogonzales
Point Blank Life — Military Personnel! From @diegogonzales

Then, is the Use of Tactical Gear Illegal?

The law in most States varies in this case. But, for the most part, the use of most tactical gear is legal! In fact, the type of tactical gear being sold by Point Blank Life has been sold and used for decades without any issue.

The law will only come into play if you are purposefully using tactical gear to impersonate the military or public safety professionals.

Keep this in mind and you should be fine!

What Kind of Equipment will Point Blank Life Be Selling?

From what we know, Point Blank Life is aiming to sell a wide selection of tactical knives, holsters, and other such equipment.

Point Blank Life — Tactical Knives! From @SalmanHossainSaif
Point Blank Life — Tactical Knives! From @SalmanHossainSaif

Speaking more broadly, their goal is to specialize in the following areas: Tactical Defense, Hunting Gear, and Survival Equipment. Their line of products should follow along with these categories.

Why Buy Tactical Gear?

For tactical gear enthusiasts, the answer to this question is probably obvious. However, for those who are looking to explore the world of tactical gear for the first time, the following benefits should be kept in mind:

Benefits of Tactical Gear vs Generic Gear:

  • Quality: Although the products being sold by Point Blank Life will not be exactly the same as the ones used by the military, they were developed similarly! This is especially true when it comes to the type of materials used. Tactical gear is not tactical gear if it is not made from high-quality material!
  • Durability: This goes hand in hand with quality, but it should be remembered regardless: tactical gear should be long-lasting! This sets it apart from the type of generic gear that you can buy from just anywhere.
  • Multi-Functional or Effective: By definition, the word ‘tactical’ points to things that are carefully planned and cultivated. In that sense, you’ll notice that a lot of tactical gear will either be multi-functional or have features that will make it more effective than your average gear.

Should You Buy Tactical Gear?

Now, let’s get to the main question. What reason do you have to go looking at the equipment being sold on the Point Blank Life website?

Point Blank Life — Tactical Gear! From @ThomasTucker
Point Blank Life — Tactical Gear! From @ThomasTucker

Again, if you’ve always been a tactical gear enthusiast, then the answer to this question is probably no use to you. However, what if you’re not? Well, keeping the benefits in mind, there are still a couple of questions that you can answer to determine just how much use this kind of gear can have for you.

For example, are you the type to enjoy outdoor activities? If so, then the high-quality tactical knives sold by Point Blank Life may be able to help you improve your experience! The same thing goes if you enjoy hunting — in which case, you might also want to have a look at the holsters being offered by Point Blank Life.

If you’re neither, then perhaps the question is: Are you wary of future disasters or emergency events? If so, then having a premium source for multi-functional and long-lasting gear may be exactly what you need in order to start working on your emergency supplies kit!

Consider these types of questions and your own situation before you decide!

Point Blank Life Online Store!
Point Blank Life Online Store!

The Bottom Line: Point Blank Life!

So, what do you think? Will you be checking out Point Blank Life’s online store for tactical enthusiasts anytime soon? We’re pretty excited about it! Credible online resources like these are hard to find, so it’s one to keep an eye on no matter what!

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