Pizza Company Papa John’s Reports Sales Boost in the Past Month

Who knew that the go-to food for Americans during this pandemic is pizza?

American pizza company Papa John’s is reporting again yet another same-store sales increase among their restaurants both in North America and other parts of the world. The period for this is between July 27 and August 23.

Rise in Sales — ‘Strong in August’

According to a news release from Papa John’s, preliminary comparable year-over-year sales growth for domestic-owned locations climbed by 18 percent. Franchised restaurants in North America also saw a jump of 26.1 percent. System-wide North American restaurants reported a rise of 24.2 percent, while system-wide international restaurants increased by 23.3 percent.

“Papa John’s sales, driven by product innovation chief executive and president of Papa John’s, Rob Lynch, said in a statement.

The numbers are not only great in the past four weeks. The second quarter for the company, which is between April and June, saw a 28 percent boost in sales among North American chains. This increase is despite forced lockdowns and restrictions to curb the virus’ spread, per CNN Business.

More Customers Lovin’ More Pizza

He further said that the company saw an increase in customers also this year. In the second quarter, Papa John’s said it gained 3 million more customers. Such has strengthened its brand affinity, as the company claimed it had been receiving positive approval.

According to Papa John’s, almost all of their traditional restaurants across North America are already in full operation. Meanwhile, about 150 of its more than 2,000 stores outside the US are still temporarily shut due to government restrictions.

Furthermore, the company is also expanding its online platform. About 70 percent of their orders are placed digitally. Lynch has also previously noted that ordering through mobile is the company’s “fastest-growing platform.”

Papa John’s has also promised to add 30,000 more staff as demand for their pizzas continues to skyrocket.


New Pizza Hits

The company is not also slowing down updating its menu. Among the more fresh offerings that Papa John’s has introduced to their menus include “Shaq-a-roni,” a pizza with more cheese and pepperonis and named after company board member Shaquille O’Neal.

Even more recently, Papa John’s also announced a pizza that is inspired by the amalgamation of quesadillas and chicken wings: the Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia.

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