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Pfizer CEO Hopeful Of October Results For Vaccine Trials

Pfizer is expecting a result from its clinical trials by October, said the company’s CEO in an interview

On Thursday, chief executive officer of biopharmaceutical company Pfizer, Albert Bourla, supposed that the clinical trials for the vaccine they are working on could possibly give a result by October. He said by then, they could know whether the vaccine is safe and effective. Pfizer is among the top companies who are racing to find an effective vaccine for the COVID-19.

Moment of truth?

“October is coming. In October, the truth will be revealed,” the drugmaker company’s CEO said during an interview with Washington Post Live. He also said that Pfizer could start aiming for regulatory approval by October.

Pfizer’s top head also mentioned that their company could possibly make 100 million doses by the end of 2020. He pointed out that a huge portion of those doses will be going to the US.

Dear anti-vaccine people

During the interview, Bourla also mentioned that those who intend to ignore getting a vaccine could endanger the health of the community. “Unfortunately, by making this decision, they will become the weak links in the way that the virus is transmitted… and they will risk society’s health, rather than own health. It’s also something that they need to take into consideration,” the chief executive said. He also noted that vaccination is not an immediate “silver bullet.” It should be in addition to safety measures like physical distancing, until ‘herd immunity’ is obtained.

Development of vaccine

Bourla also noted that Pfizer is working on enrolling 30,000 participants by end of August in its last stage of clinical trial for the vaccine. About half of the patients will be given the vaccine while the other half will be provided with placebo. Meanwhile, Moderna is already in its own third phase of clinical trial of a vaccine. Both companies began enrolling patients since July. 

Also last month, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense (DoD) both revealed a deal with Pfizer to secure the government 100 million doses of the potential vaccine, once made and approved. The large American pharmaceutical firm also partnered with a biotech company from Germany called BioNTech.

“The political pressure doesn’t worry me at all because I don’t feel it,” Bourla told, citing Pfizer’s respectable legacy. He said that the company would not release an unsafe product.

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