Parents Don’t Know if Their Kids Vape Instead of Smoke

Before, parents knew right away if their children started smoking cigarettes. For example, the smell sticks to their breath and their clothes. But now, parents have no idea when their children start vaping. 

Smoking and Vaping

CNN reports that a new study found that parents are unaware of their children’s vaping habits. According to the study, most parents and guardians don’t know or suspect when they vape. On the other hand, they would know right away if their children smoked cigarettes. 

In the study, around 70% of the parents said they knew or suspected their children of smoking cigarettes. However, about 40% of the parents said they didn’t know or suspect their children of smoking e-cigarettes. 

Why Don’t Parents Know About Vapes?

Dr. Benjamin Chaffee said that parents usually picture cigarettes when they hear the word “tobacco.” They do not think of other tobacco or nicotine products. Dr. Chaffee is the study’s senior author. 

Dr. Chaffee adds that e-cigarettes look like just another gadget, and they don’t produce odors, making it hard for parents to detect.  

The Vaping Epidemic

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams declared a vaping epidemic in the country just two years ago. This year, CNN says that 3.02 million high school students and 550,000 middle school students have started using e-cigarettes. 

Researchers are also looking at the possible link between e-cigarettes and severe COVID-19. In August, US lawmakers asked the FDA to recall all vapes. 

Strict household rules and good examples are useful tools to keep young people from taking up smoking.

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