Paramedics May One Day Fly Via Jet Suits to Respond to Emergencies

An air ambulance services group in the UK and a jet suit manufacturer has tested jet suits for emergency response.

Sometimes, first responders have to battle the terrain before getting to the place of emergencies. But that could all change in the future for responding to treacherous locations because an air ambulance service group has tested to try jet suits for paramedics in the UK.

Testing the Jet Suit

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) had piloted the project that could one day send paramedics through jet suits. GNAAS tested the jet suits to paramedics last month in the Lake District in the UK. The group partnered with jet suit maker Gravity Industries for the project. Both GNAAS and Gravity Industries have been in talks for a year regarding this project.

Particularly, hikers can benefit from this program, especially when needing medical attention in the middle of a terrain. GNAAS even said that with the jet suits, paramedics can reduce the length of travel when responding. But GNAAS noted that the project has massive potential for bringing critical health care services.

Jet Suit Up

Gravity Industries’ founder, Richard Browning, carried out the test flight of the jet suit, which used 1,050 brake horsepower. Basically, the jet suits had several engines for controlling the movement. Both arms will have mini engines, and one on the back. With the jet suits, the length of time the paramedics can travel from 30 minutes by foot to a mere 90 seconds by flight, GNAAS mentioned. GNAAS director of operations, Andy Mawson, even noted that the jet suit’s “biggest advantage is its speed.”

During the test flight, Browning lifted from the ground and reached a height of 3-6 meters (10-20 feet), as described by the Guardian. The Gravity Industries founder searched for the people simulating an emergency situation. Instead of taking hours to find the simulators, it only took several minutes, The Guardian said. 

Awesome Responders

GNAAS director of operations Mawson stated: “We think this technology could enable our team to reach some patients much quicker than ever before.”

He added that if the idea takes off, the jet suit-wearing paramedics will carry medical kits. It will include pain relief and even a defibrillator “for those who may have suffered a heart attack.”

“We could see the need,” Mawson added. He also said they still have to figure out how it would work in practice. But upon witnessing the test flight, he dubbed it as “awesome.”

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