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News Reports US-Canada Border’s Closure to be Extended

According to Canadian government sources of CNN, the border between the United States and Canada could remain off-limits to the public until August 21.

The possible fourth extension

In a news published online by CNN on Tuesday, the closure of the US-Canada border is possibly extended for until next month, which was already previously extended by end of July. It is actually the fourth time the restriction was extended. This closure began on March, just days after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, and most nations in the world are implementing lockdowns.

This was echoed by a similar report from Reuters. Both articles said that an official decision is yet to be announced later this week.

Still for non-essential

In a report from last month, this agreement of restricting the borders between two countries will however still allow essential businesses to travel, as per Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. The travel restriction allows trade to still pursue, in additional to other essential affairs. Several frontline workers like those in healthcare, flight crew, and truck drivers, are not mandated for a two-week quarantine. Recently, sports professionals were also allowed to pass.

The travel ban will still remain for non-essential transportations only. The limit of travel between neighboring countries is a decision resulting from the desire to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Canada’s response

Forbes reported that this extension of border closure is unsurprising, as they recalled the statement of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada that their country has superior response to the health crisis compared to the United States’. He also noted the complicated situation of the health crisis of the US.

“Every month we have been able to extend the border closures to all but essential goods and services and those discussions are ongoing with the United States right now,” Trudeau told the press. “We’re going to continue to work hard to keep Canadians safe and to keep our economies flowing and we will have more to say later this week.”

In addition, the Canadian provinces have expressed that they want the border to stay closed. The publication also cited a survey which showed majority of people from Ontario and Quebec preferred the border to remain closed in July.

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