New ‘Going Public’ Episode: “Let It Snow!”

On this week’s episode of Going Public, there is a lot going on and it is happening fast!

Tapping into his incredible sales experience, Josh Snow, a digital marketing prodigy and founder of the nine-figure oral care brand Snow Teeth Whitening, challenges our issuing companies with that important question, “What are you going to do strategically once you have the brand and the money?”

Watch the fifth episode right now by clicking here.

Both Hammitt and PROVEN partner with this week’s mentor to build their Direct to Consumer (DTC) channels, and get a crash course in customer loyalty, retention, finding the right celebrity partner and the power of influencer marketing and social media. 

Meanwhile, NGT Academy has quite a hill to climb to close a pivotal investment and host Lauren Simmons gets a chance to see another side of TREBEL founder Bob Vanech.

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