NBA Patty Mills of Spurs To Dedicate Future Play Wage

After the long pandemic-outcome hiatus of the NBA season with a last game held March, they are set to resume this July at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Meanwhile, one of the members of the National Basketball Authority team San Antonio Spurs is willing to use the opportunity to help campaigns against social injustices in Australia.

Spurs of the moment

The Spurs’ guard Patty Mills pledged his money Wednesday to donate to causes that tackles about racial inequality. The movements that he mentioned to work on ending racial inequality are Black Lives Matter Australia, Black Deaths in Custody, and We Got You, a more recent campaign According to Mills, he is dedicating every cent from the eight games that he is scheduled to play in the coming season’s reopening, which would amount to more than $1 million.

“I’m proud to say that I’m taking every cent earned from these eight games that we’re playing—which for me will turn out to be $1,017,818.54—and donating directly back to the Black Lives Matter Australia, Black Deaths in Custody, and to a recent campaign that’s called ‘We Got You’—dedicated to ending racism in sport in Australia,” Mills stated.

Supportive team player

The Spurs Athlete has been known to be an advocate of social justice campaigns for using his platform to speaking up against racism since he joined NBA. Just months ago, Mills announced that he was launching the Team Mills Foundation. It is dedicated to supporting culture and diversity to ‘enacting positive change for the environment worldwide.’

He tweeted on Tuesday that “when allies who stand up and speak out against racism, although a small gesture, this is one of many actions that have a tremendous impact on the person being targeted because they feel support. It can also make whoever racially vilifies that person reconsider own behavior.”

Co-Spurs Player Trey Lyles praised his teammate for being a “community leader and somebody that’s always caring for people.” commenting just after Mills pledged his future salaries.

Earlier, another NBA athlete has pledged paychecks from the game. LA Lakers Dwight Howard, the team’s center, vowed to donate the rest of what he will earn for his scheduled games at the season’s comeback.

Resuming the game

Previously, several players have voiced out their concern that the reopening of NBA could distract people from social justice campaigns. Mills shared that “I am playing in Orlando because I don’t want to leave any money on the table that could be going directly to Black communities.”

The season is set to resume by month’s end in a ‘bubble’ in Florida that hopes to be safe from the COVID-19 threat. 30 NBA teams are set to gather to continue the game. Spurs has an official score of 27-36, as they hoped to make it to the Western Conference playoff.

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