McDonald’s Introduces a Spicy Version of Their Chicken Nuggets

McDonald’s is putting a spicy twist to its iconic Chicken McNuggets, although it is not permanent.

For the Pleasure of Spice-Seekers

On Tuesday, the American fast-food behemoth declared that they would be adding a spicy version of their Chicken McNuggets to their US menus. It would mark their classic nuggets’ first time to get a spicy touch since its introduction almost four decades ago.

Beginning September 16, select McDonald’s restaurants across the country will add on their menus the newest Spicy Chicken McNuggets and Mighty Hot Sauce. The company said it is dedicated to their “spice-seeking” customers.

Spicy and Sweet

The fast-food giant claimed that its Spicy McNuggets would be breaded with a tempura coating “made of both cayenne and chili peppers.” To further kick it up the notch, McDonald’s will also be introducing the Mighty Hot Sauce. The dip consists of spicy chilis and crushed red peppers.

In addition to the spicy tandem of McNuggets and dip, their McFlurry line will also be getting a new version. You probably know their classic Oreo version, but also to debut on September 16 is the Chips Ahoy! version of McFlurry. 

Though the company did not elaborate, all of these are available in participating locations in the Us for a limited time only.

Crossing the Road

In a press release, VP for Menu Innovation Linda VanGosen stated: “This is the first time we’ve introduced a new flavor of our classic Chicken McNuggets in the US since 1983.”

She added that customers have been requesting a spicy McNuggets from them for some time already. VanGosen said that they are excited to bring the “new spicy options” to their menus.

The booming chicken market in the US is one of the resilient stories of this pandemic, per the Business Insider. The publication noted that the updated chicken nuggets from McDonald’s coincided at a time that more Americans are into chicken. Like that of Popeyes, with sales that were buoyed up by their spicy chicken sandwich, as noted by CNN.

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