Maserati’s Latest Supercar Boasts of Power and Lightness

Maserati finally reveals the company’s latest supercar on Wednesday. According to the Italian company’s press release, the new MC20 combines performance, sportiness, and luxury. Maserati unveiled its new supercar during the “MMXX: Time to be Audacious” event.

The Maserati MC20 Taking Up a Notch

Basically, the latest MC20 got its name from Maserati Corse. Meanwhile, the figure represents the year 2020, as the luxury vehicle’s brand enters a new era.

Among the features, it boasts include the supercar’s lightweight of below 1,500 kg (over 3,300 lbs). Moreover, the MC20 can achieve a maximum speed of 202 miles an hour (325 kph). It can also change its speed from 0 to 60 miles per hour (100 kph) in nearly three seconds.

Engineered and Made in Italy

The company’s chief operating officer, David Grasso, stated that the MC20 serves as a cornerstone in creating Maserati’s future. Additionally, Grasso claimed that the latest Maserati supercar is “the first of its kind 100 percent” made in Modena, Italy.

Maserati also developed the supercar’s turbocharged v6 engine priding itself of 630 horsepower. The Italian carmaker said the engine “comes out best in class,” considering its power and weight. The ratio results into 5 lbs per hp (2.33 kg/hp).

Driving in the Future

The Maserati Innovation Lab team worked on the project for about two years, the release said. In addition, the Italian company also intends to produce a fully electric MC20 in the coming years. CNN Business reported that Grasso said they would eventually offer both electric and traditional versions of the company’s vehicles.

Production of the MC20 will start before the year ends. However, American customers must wait until the fall of next year to get their hands on the new MC20.

The price tag of the luxury supercar will begin at 216,000 euros (US$255,000). The MC20 followed the last supercar from Maserati in 2005. The company halted producing the MC12 ten years ago.

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