Lucid Motors Officially Unveils Final Version of Anticipated Luxury EV

Lucid Motors unveils the final version of its first all-electric sedan. During a web broadcast, the startup revealed more details regarding the production of the much-awaited Lucid Air. Last month, the company announced that the Lucid Air could hold the title of the world’s longest-range electric vehicle. 

More Details on the Lucid Air

On Wednesday, Lucid Motors shared details on the production model of their first luxury vehicle. The Lucid Air actually boasts of over 1,000 horsepower. As a result, the Lucid’s electric sedan can get a quarter-mile in nearly 10 seconds. 

According to Lucid’s chief exec and chief technical officer, Peter Rawlinson, pilot production already started. However, their Arizona plant will begin producing Lucid Air next year.

Rawlinson, whose previous experience includes working for Tesla, declared the Air as a “breakthrough in electric cars.” He further added that: “Lucid is going to change the world.”

Premium Battery

Moreover, the company earlier noted that the electric sedan could be the “world’s longest-range.” The company said it could reach an estimated 517 miles of EPA range in a single charge. For comparison, the longest-range title belongs to Tesla’s Model S Long Range with 402 miles.

On top of its impressive battery, Lucid Air will also pride itself on being the world’s fastest charging EV. If you charge a Lucid Air in just 20 minutes, you can get a range of 300 miles.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing of the Lucid Air’s base model will start at around $80,000. Although, the company did not specify any engine output on this model. Meanwhile, the 620-horsepower Touring Model with a 406-mile range will start at $95,000. The maxed-out version, the Air Grand Touring, with 800 horsepower and 517 miles, will net at a starting price of $139,000.

The Air will launch in the market by 2022. Moreover, the well-equipped Air Touring will enter the market by late 2021. Meanwhile, the Air Grand Touring will be available in mid-2021.

On top of the mentioned models, Lucid will also launch a limited-edition performance model. Priced at $169,000, the 1,080-horsepower Lucid Air Dream Edition will be available in the spring of next year.

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