Lowe’s to Introduce Free Delivery of Christmas Trees, Begins ‘Seasons of Savings’ This Week

Lowe’s has introduced a Christmas tree delivery service, which is free of charge for orders of $45 and up.

With the pandemic, many have gone to online stores for most of their purchases for different sorts of things: foods, clothes, and more. And in the coming holidays, Christmas is still definite. Thanks to retailer Lowe’s, you can even have fresh-cut Christmas Trees delivered right to your homes. On top of that, its “seasons of savings” event had started already this week.

Christmas Tree Delivery

For the first time ever, Lowe’s will offer free delivery of Christmas Trees. Starting on October 30, Americans can order them online. Lowe’s will bring the fresh-cut trees and wreaths within several days (2-5 days). No delivery fee for orders amounting to $45 and above.

Executive Vice President of Merchandising Bill Blotz said: “We’ve got all the decorations and wreaths and everything else to go with it, so you can pull the whole package together.” 

‘Season of Savings’

Aside from introducing free delivery of Christmas trees, Lowe’s is also giving customers early holiday deals. Particularly, the company has begun its “season of savings” this week, which is earlier than usual. It will extend until December. 

“We want to make the holiday experience even more accessible this year by offering competitive deals earlier than ever on top-rated, unique gifts for the home,” Boltz stated. “As well as on the most sought after brands that will help our customers gift home for the holidays this season.”

Lowe’s High Sales

The retail company actually reported good sales for the most recent quarter. It could be due to the common setup for most workers during this pandemic. And right now, many people are working from home. Therefore, more people are inclined to decorate their homes, which is good news for stores like Lowe’s.

In particular, sales for Lowe’s stores that were open for at least a year boosted by 35.1 percent. Meanwhile, its online sales figure is a hit, with a 135 percent raise.

“Our homes have never been more meaningful to our lives than they have been in 2020,” Marisa Thalberg said. She serves as the chief brand and marketing officer for Lowe’s.

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