KFC Introduces New Sauce to Replace the One Named After Scrutinized Tagline

KFC launches a new sauce that replaces “Finger Lickin’ Good” sauce with new recipe and updated title, months after it had to temporarily retire its famous tagline.

Months after American fast-food chain KFC retired its “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan, the company also replaced the sauce named after that iconic motto. Particularly, KFC will bring a new iteration of sauce with an updated recipe and brand.

The New KFC Sauce

The fast-food company introduces a new dip called “KFC Sauce,” which will replace its previous one. The new sauce will hit US restaurants. The company’s new signature sauce will go along with its Extra Crispy chicken. The company noted that the new KFC sauce will have a “sweeter, tangier mix, with a kiss of smokiness.”

Meanwhile, the fast-food chain even revealed that they tested various versions of the sauce before getting to the final one. They have developed the sauce even before the pandemic, CNN Business reports.

Additionally, KFC also intends to overhaul some of its main sauces, like the Classic Ranch, Honey BBQ, and Honey Mustard.

“It’s… Good”

In August, KFC had to shelf its famous “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan after complaints that it does not fit the pandemic. With the current health crisis, many people scrutinized KFC’s tagline, citing that it opposes experts’ advice needed to slow down the transmission of the virus. The Advertising Standards Authority even said that they received at least 163 complaints regarding a KFC video ad featuring a montage of people eating chicken and licking their fingers at the same time.

So, KFC went with the flow and used the issue as a marketing campaign. Particularly, the company released a new KFC promotional ad that intentionally blurred part of the motto. It then only showed: “It’s *** Good!”

The end tag of the half-minute clip, which showed the slogan with pixelated parts, even said: “The thing we always say? Ignore it… For now.”

Eventually, the company plans to revive the 64-year-old motto when “the time is right.”

KFC Amid the Pandemic

Like with most restaurants, KFC also had to close many of its dining rooms when the pandemic hit the US. Mainly, customers can order their fave KFC meals through online stores or drive-thrus. But later on, the company adapted its restaurants to the health crisis by incorporating glass partitions among its counters. It also imposed mask policies to staff, plus a bunch of other health safety measures. Although KFC had seen lower volume of customers going into its restaurants, CNN Business reports that the company’s sales had recovered in recent months.

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