Founder and CEO of Heavyshift Marketing

Jerome Knyszewski

Bringing to you the latest news on business, technology, and the world of online reputation and marketing is one of Feedvoice’s Featured Contributors, Jerome Knyszewski.


Jerome Knyszewski is an expert strategist and consultant, who has worked with thousands of independent entrepreneurs and agencies to repair, create, manage, and market their online presence. A facet of growing a business that has become all the more important now that a majority of consumers everywhere are looking for solutions on the web.


As a well-known Online Reputation Management (ORM) & Marketing mentor, Jerome brings with him close ties to well-known brands in a variety of industries. Including the tech and marketing industry-disruptors Maropost and O.T.T. SEO, who are acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing companies in their respective industries.

If you want to know more about how you can grow your business by laying the proper foundation for your success with Online Reputation Management & Marketing, Jerome Knyszewski is the man for the job. His mission, which led to the founding of his consulting agency, Heavyshift Marketing, is to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs repair and create a reputation for themselves that will withstand malicious attacks from both competitors and friends.

Jerome Knyszewski

Founder and CEO of HeavyShift Marketing

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Jerome Knyszewski

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