Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth Reaches a Record-High of $200 Billion

Business mogul Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man on the planet and chief executive of giant Amazon, is the first man to surpass the $200 billion mark in terms of net worth.

The Successful Amazon

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos’ fortune on Wednesday was estimated to be $202 billion. This increase in wealth comes as shares for Amazon continue to rise. The tech giant, one of the Big Four companies, holds a near $1.7 trillion market cap.

In a CNN Business report, it was mentioned that stocks for Amazon have been 25 percent higher for the previous three months. Bezos owns over 57 million shares for the e-commerce company.

The Billionaires Club

The 56-year old chief executive, as of Wednesday’s ranking, has about $90 billion in net worth more than the second richest person on Earth, Bill Gates. Bezos was hailed the richest man on Earth last 2017.

Moreover, the social media behemoth’s chief and founder Mark Zuckerberg was also recently hailed the newest “centi-billionaire.” The Facebook owner’s fortune on Tuesday added $3.4 billion and, on Wednesday, $6 billion. At that time, his wealth is estimated to be $109 billion.

Forbes also noted that Bezos could even be richer without his multi-billion worth of divorce last year. Parting with MacKenzie Scott earned his ex-wife 25 percent of his stake in Amazon, equivalent to $63 billion. Scott is currently the 13th wealthiest person per Bloomberg’s ranking.

The Era of Tech Businesses

The pandemic has seen devastating outcomes to many of the businesses all over the world. But not to all companies, as the giant names in tech are still doing fine, even better.

Recently, Apple just reached a valuation of over $2 trillion, surpassing the most valuable company in the world, Saudi Aramco. Moreover, Apple’s chief exec Tim Cook has an estimated net worth topping $1 billion earlier this month. CNN Business notes that Cook is among the few chief execs who are not founders of their companies to amass a vast fortune.

Even more lately, Elon Musk of the EV-market leading Tesla also became the fourth-richest person as shares for Tesla continue to rise as well.

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