Japan Operates Newest Bullet Train That Can Run on Battery Power

If you want to avoid traffic and commute safely, you might want to move to Japan. The country has begun operations on its newest bullet train model, the N700S. Not only is this model fast, but it can also keep going with battery power. In case of a natural disaster, you can ride this train to safety without a hitch. Currently, this model runs on the Shinkansen Line, bridging Tokyo and Osaka. Japan had wanted to launch the train by the 2020 Olympics, but the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the launch plans.

How Does the N700S Work?

Only a few trains in the world can keep up with the bullet train. It’s the only vehicle, aside from airplanes, that can reach speeds of 200 miles per hour. Trips usually lasting days are cut to hours. Often, people who make cross-country trips in Japan take these trains.

Gizmodo reports that the N700S, or N700 “Supreme,” model is the trains’ first significant upgrade in 13 years. Part of the update is improving the passengers’ comfort level during trips. A Japanese rail website also says the train can “reduce air resistance and noise.” But the N700S’ ability to run on battery power is its primary feature.

The N700S carries a battery system that’s powerful enough to propel the train, at a reduced speed. This system is called a “lithium-ion battery self-propulsion system.” According to, “four of the N700S train’s 16 cars” carry the batteries underneath its carriages.

In case external power shuts off, the train batteries kick in and keep it moving. Gizmodo also says the train can drive away from places where people can’t get off safely, like tunnels or bridges. Despite slower speeds, the train will never leave its passengers stranded in dangerous areas. The N700S maxes out at “285 kilometers per hour.”

Other Amenities of the N700S

Aside from its battery system, the N700s includes better reclining seats for sleeping passengers. Outlets per booth mean every rider charge his device. The train also lights its overhead compartment for easy access. The train’s new active suspension system keeps trips smooth by “absorbing bumps.” During emergencies, the train’s brakes also cut its stopping distance.

Why Ride the N700S?

Japan regularly suffers natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes. Disaster-proofing is part of the country’s design and building standards. With the new N700S, you reach your destination on time. You can also get there in one piece, even in disasters. If only everybody else’s commute was this quick and easy.

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