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India Now Has Over 1 Million Coronavirus Cases

India reported Friday that it has more than one million people who are confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19. This came as their country is also facing a challenge with their healthcare system.

Surging to a million

On Friday, the South Asian country, with one of the most populated nation in the world only second to China, saw one of the highest number of recorded cases and deaths for a day, with over 36,000 infected and a little below 700 dying from the disease, beating its previous record it just held last Tuesday. This made India exceed the one million mark.

India is third with the COVID-19 cases in the world to rise to one million, only behind the United States and Brazil. The country now has a total of 1,003,832 positive cases with over 25,600 deaths. Meanwhile, according to the Health Ministry, their recovery rate was 63 percent, with 635,757 to have been reported to recover from the disease.

Several Indian states are also implementing focused lockdowns to combat the outbreak as they attempt to safeguard their economy. 

Facing healthcare struggles

Dr. Ashish Jha, director of Harvard Global Health Institute, noted that the rate of increasing cases will still be a challenge for India in the foreseeable future. It was echoed by a global health researcher, Dr. Anant Bhan, who projected that it is possible for the country to face more spikes in cases as the virus invades rural zones. He cited the reports of cases now turning to smaller cities.

ABC News reported that experts told it could be difficult for India’s government to balance the economy and the health crisis. It was also mentioned that the testing is still insufficient.

An epidemiologist even expressed that slowing the virus does not equate to eliminating the disease, noting that the lockdowns being imposed may have slowed the virus but the capacity for the healthcare system is still lacking. 

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